1 Located near the back end of the hearing aid pull on the plastic tab to open the battery tray.

2 Grab a battery and pull tab off

3 Place the negative side of the battery down into the battery tray

4 The negative side of the battery is the small beveled side

1 Wipe down hearing aid with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide

2 Remove Earbud

3 With the cleaning brush remove any dirt or debris from the earbud

4 With the earbud off ensure the end of the hearing aid is clean, if not give it a brush with the cleaning brush

5 Put the earbud back onto the hearing aid and your ready to go

6 Regularly clean earpiece to ensure it stays free of dirt and debris as it could impact hearing

1 Hold silver speaker located under the earbud

2 Grab the solid white part of the earbud

3 Pop the earbud off