Leading Innovation


Boasting the best in HD speech features

HD Mic

HD Bandwidth

HD Directionality

By processing sound in up to 36 channels, the HD Mic provides a highly fine-tuned performance, more effictively ridding you of unwanted noise.

The most realistic HiFi listening experience. Our products with HD Bandwidth process signals up to 10kHz, providing natural sound and speech.

HD Directionality combines the best anti-noise and directional features to give you an outstanding sound experience in the most challenging listening environments with less effort and lower fatigue.

Automatic Focus 360o

Goes beyond the capabilities of traditional directional microphones to enhance the dominant speech signal even if it occurs behind or to the side. You'll more clearly hear someone speaking from the backseat of a car or walking alongside. New car mode allows automatic switching to Focus 360o for maximum convenience.


A perfect customized fit with no need to fuss with hearing aid controls. Effortless sound at its best.

Smart Automatic Environment Manager

Automatically classifies the listening siituation and engages or disengages features to help you overcome the challenges you could face.

Green & Easy Charger

Eco-friendly technology lets you charge your hearing aid overnight for a full day of trouble-free operation. The handy Rexton charging unit even contains a drying function, removing harmful moisture and leaving hearing aids dry and refreshed each morning.


Twincore 2c establishes itself as the hearing aid that never compromises. From the office to the golf course, effortlessly enjoy more natural sound.

Feedback Preventer

Accurate, thorough, and even faster than before, it frees you from embarassing and annoying feedback (whistling) before you or anyone nearby can hear it.

Automatic Noise Reduction

Improves comfort and audibility of speech by analyzing incoming signals and separating out steady state non-speech noise. This technology softens distracting noise and enhances important speech signals, without requiring you to make adjustments.


Twincore 2c provides an elegant sense of confidence, ensuring convenient communication with friends, family and coworkers.

Wireless Assistant

Optimizes your hearing aid's sound quality and ease of use. Automatically synchronized digital signal processing eliminates potential differences in critical features from hearing aid to hearing aid. There's even an optional, convenient remote control with easy-to-see buttons.


Our hearing aid features a telecoil for maximum performance - allowing for ease of use with hearing aid compatible phones and hearing systems. Autophone automatically identifies a phone call and switches to the telecoil program so you can finally hear your phone calls as clearly.

Blu Link

Equipped with Blu Link technology, Twincore 2c is perfect for users who demand technology that works with their favorite high-performance gadgets.

Mini Blu/Blu RCU

Mobile Phone

Television and Movies

Using Bluetooth® technology, Mini Blu/Blu RCU stream high quality audio from mobile phones, TV’s, computers, MP3 players, and more to any of our products with Blu Link technology. They also double as a remote control for the hearing aids, allowing volume, treble, and direct program changes at the touch of a button.

Don’t miss another phone call. Enjoy phone conversations directly through your hearing aids while distracting background noise is softened and feedback is eliminated effortlessly.

Enjoy watching TV with friends at home again. Both Mini Blu and Blu RCU are like a personal headset that streams sound from the TV with no detectable delay between what’s on screen and what you’ll hear through your Twincore 2c hearing aids. With your already-paired transmitter, you can connect to any media device, hassle-free.

Stereo and Musico

Rediscover the joy of music. Using the Mini Blu/Blu RCU, sound is streamed from MP3 players and stereos to both hearing aids.


Our thorough attention to detail ensures the best reliability and performance over the long haul for less repairs and more action-packed days.

SecureTec Nano Coating

C-Grid Wax Protection System

For the best reliability and protection, both frame and electronics are fully coated to protect against moisture, dirt and debris. This results in a device that’s fully coated from the inside out to provide the ultimate protection from moisture, sweat and corrosion.

Instruments can be susceptible to damage from earwax that can accumulate and harden, blocking sound and ultimately damaging internal components. The C-Grid wax protection system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to prevent harmful cerumen from entering the aid.