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Raymond Lopez, President of SOAR Local 1010 District 7 Chapter 31 1

"Hello, my name is Raymond Lopez and I'm the president of SOAR, Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees. What I'm here to say is about Ron. Ron is a hearing specialist and he's one part of our retirees program. We were lucky when we got him because with his things, get to hearing aids, they're guaranteed and you just can't beat it. By making this video, I'm recommending him and by membership, they already know how he is...he's great. If you really wanna try something, try Ron Beheyt."



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Baby Lou

"Good morning, I'm Baby Lou. The guys who've seen me here know me. I'm taking my ear test with Ron. I am very happy that I have him. I hear a lot better. I think it would help a lot of us guys that retired that come to our breakfast and most of all, that people don't know, it's good for your wives. And another thing, if you have a son or daughter who works in the mill and it's qualified, they get 'em free so I appreciate that I know...I thought about Ron and I am very very happy I have him. I think it would satisfy everybody."


"I can hear now. It's...really clear, loud and clear you find. I've never heard this way, for years. Umm...I'm just amazed."

George Experiences Hearing Aids For The First Time

Watch Ron Beheyt perform a hearing test on George to see the amazement for yourself.